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Studio Ghibli to become a subsidiary of Nippon TV

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Studio Ghibli, the famous Japanese animation studio, will become a subsidiary of Nippon Television Network Corp.

The two companies announced that under their agreement, Nippon TV will own a 42.3 percent stake in Studio Ghibli. Which will make Nippon Television Network Corp. the top shareholder of the studio. The financial details have not been disclosed.

This announcement marks the end of the uncertainty regarding the future of the studio: Miyazaki is 82, producer Toshio Suzuki is 75, and finding a path towards the future of the studio was therefore a pressing matter.
An alliance with Nippon TV makes sense: the two companies share a long history, since Nippon TV aired Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on TV back in the 80s, and helped Studio Ghibli on various projects, including movies and the Ghibli museum.

According to the two companies, Studio Ghibli will retain its creative independence, even though Nippon TV will send executives to support the team.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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