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For Honor: 500 precomps and 2600 assets for a Battle Pass trailer

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Ubisoft has unveiled a new trailer for the Battle Pass 76S3 of their videogame For Honor, a medieval third person shooter developped by Ubisoft Montréal. Launched back in 2017, the game regularly receives new content thanks to Battle Passes.

For the latest Battle Pass, Ubisoft tasked Pierre-Olivier Nantel with creating a trailer. It features a graphic novel visual style, japanese mythology and a long contemplative shot that highlights key characters.

The team explained us that a lot of work was put into this project. Animator Pierre-Guilhem Roudet explains:

This is probably one of the more complex After Effects project I ever animated. A 1 minute long sequence shot, created in 2.5D with more than 500 precompositions, about 2600 assets. The illustrations were colorized, then converted in 2.5D in After Effects. Smoke, fire, particule effects are CGI, created in After Effects. We also scripted a fading effect for the mist. The whole After Effects projects weighs close to 200MB.

Here is the trailer:

Direction : Pierre-Olivier Nantel – Ubisoft
Art Direction: Pierre-Olivier Nantel
Animation : Pierre-Guilhem Roudet
Illustration : Gabriel Romann
Storyboard : Lisa Yokobori
Creative Director : Jessy Veilleux
Production Manager : Alice Bruyneel
For Honor

More behind-the-scenes pictures are available on Behance.

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