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DNA Research lance 3Delight 2.0 pour 3ds Max

L’éditeur DNA Research vient de lancer une nouvelle version de son moteur de rendu Renderman compliant, 3Delight 2.0 pour 3ds Max. Vous pouvez retrouver plusieurs vidéos présentant ses dernières nouveautés sur le compte Viméo de DNA.

En voici quelques unes : 


Liste de ses nouveautés (en anglais):



  • -Simple yet powerful feature set.  A departure from currently available solutions.
  • -Multi-Light feature and Light Mixer for interactive, real-time, re-lighting. Multi-Light output includes separate channels for both environment and incandescence.
  • -Multi-channel EXR and Deep EXR (EXR 2.0) support for tight integration in compositing software such as Nuke.
  • -Out-of-the-box support for OpenVDB and Massive.
  • -Robust support for AOVs with an intuitive UI and workflow.
  • -Seamless rendering of Motion Blur and Depth of Field without the usual extreme slowdowns and quality issues.
  • -3Delight’s high-quality rendering of fine displacements and infinitely smooth subdivion surfaces.
  • -Rendering doesn’t freeze 3ds Max user interface.
  • -Complete support for the 3ds Max rendering workflow, including Active Shade,  Particles, Materials, Layers, Fur, etc…
  • -Support for V-Ray shaders for easy scene porting.
  • -Easy to use physically plausible material allows for rendering of large variety of surfaces, including coated and translucent surfaces with subsurface scattering and skin.
  • -Supports a complete list of AOVs.
  • -i-Display flip book for light mixing, advanced image viewing, exploring and organization.
  • -Outlining support.

Notez que cette version est compatible pour les versions 2014 et 2015 de 3dsMax.


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