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The Forest of Miss Tang by Denis Do, coming soon at the Annecy Festival & on ARTE

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Last year, we published an article about The Forest of Miss Tang, an animated feature directed by Denis Do (who is known for his movie Funan, about a Cambodian woman and her search for her child, during the beginning of the Khmer Rouge revolution). This movie in Teochew dialect follows a single family across 6 generations:

Leave or stay? Director Denis Do takes us on an existential quest through the generations of a single family shaken by 200 years of Chinese history. A deeply humanistic family chronicle.

The Forest of Miss Tang

The movie is produced by Special Touch Studios / Sébastien Onomo. 2D and 3D animation are used.

The Forest of Miss Tang

Back in 2022, Denis Do launched a crowdfunding campaign. Around $41.000/38.000€ were raised, which allowed the team to finish the movie. Which means you’ll soon be able to watch it:

  • The movie will be screened during the Annecy Festival, June 13 and 15 (original version & French subtitles) alongside Garden of Remembrance by Naoko Yamada.
  • The Forest of Mis Tang will also be screened on ARTE channel, June 10.
The Forest of Miss Tang

As a reminded, Denis Do is also working on other projects such as Sorya, a movie that follows a 17 year-old Cambodian girl and her journey to become a singer. We wrote an article about it during Cartoon Movie 2021 (in French, but with pictures).

Sorya - Denis Do
Sorya (picture from the teaser unveiled at Cartoon Movie 2021)

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