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Epic Games and CLO Virtual Fashion (Marvelous Designer) invest in each other

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Software developper CLO Virtual Fashion and Epic Games annonced that they have purchased shares in each other. The number of shares and the amount invested have not been unveiled.

CLO Virtual Fashion is the creator of CLO and Marvelous Designer. These tools are used both in the textile industry and by VFX, animation studios, as well as videogame developpers.

You will find the full press release below. We can expect improved support in Unreal for assets created using CLO tools. There may also be plans to create a bridge between the Epic Games Store and CLo’s own marketplace, but at this stage nothing has been announced.
We will follow the upcoming announcement regarding this new relationship between Epic Games and CLO Virtual Fashion.

CLO Virtual Fashion, a global leader in digital garment solutions and the developer of CLO and Marvelous Designer, and Epic Games, the developer of Unreal Engine, today announced that the companies have purchased shares in each other.

“We strongly believe that digital garments will play a significant role in the future of digital entertainment and metaverse platforms,” said Simon Kim, CEO of CLO Virtual Fashion. “We are building toward a future where we imagine the digitization of everything, the convergence of fashion with entertainment and the metaverse. Our visions are aligned and we are committed to building the future that we envision.”

CLO Virtual Fashion is a leader in the digital fashion industry, boasting a comprehensive ecosystem of products including 3D garment design software, a digital CMS and collaboration platform, and an open marketplace and community where thousands of true-to-life garment designs are bought, sold, and showcased.

CLO Virtual Fashion aims to make integrated workflows more easily accessible to 3D designers, character artists, animators, and fashion professionals alike—resulting in games and metaverse platforms that feature true-to-life clothing options and maximizing the value of digital assets in the industry.

“Bringing high-quality digital fashion into real-time virtual worlds is complex and can be a creative barrier for digital fashion creators. It is exciting to see how CLO Virtual Fashion’s solutions work with Unreal Engine to help designers across industries make life-like digital fashion garments,” said Kim Libreri, Chief Technology Officer at Epic Games.

“Our clients are already trying to maximize the utility of digital assets, and we will work to cater to those requests and roadmaps,” added Simon Kim. “We believe these investments will unleash the fullest value of each and every digital garment and creator around the world, and we are extremely happy to share this goal with Epic Games.”

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