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Thanks to this plugin, integrate DLSS 3 into Unreal Engine projects

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NVIDIA launched a new version of their DLSS plugin for Unreal Engine. This update supports Unreal Engine 5.2, and will allow you to integrate the latest DLSS 3 improvements into your Unreal Engine projects:

  • DLSS Frame Generation (only available for UE 5.2 by default) uses AI rendering to generate new frames and boost performance.
  • DLSS Super Resolution, which uses deep learning to upscale a lower-resolution input into a higher-resolution output.
  • NVIDIA Reflex, which minimizes input lag by synchronizing the CPU and the GPU.
  • DLAA, an AI-based anti-aliasing technology running on the GPU.
  • NVIDIA Image Scaling, an open-source spatial upscaler and sharpening algorithm.

The latest version of the plugin updates NVIDIA Reflex and adds Frame Generation support.
Some of these technologies are aimed at real-time applications only, while others could also be useful to animation studios using Unreal Engine as a render engine.

The blog post over on the NVIDIA website will give you more information about the plugin, including tips & tricks. The DLSS plugin for Unreal Engine is free to download & use.

Here is also a DLSS 3 overview published by NVIDIA:

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