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Nellie Bly: a journalist wants to go around the world

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French school ARTFX has unveiled Nellie Bly, a thesis short film inspired by the true story of American journalist Nellie Bly:

In 1889, the journalist Nellie Bly decides to go around the world in less than 80 days to show that a woman is capable of this feat. But dreamlike apparitions come to haunt her the day before her departure. In this ordeal, she will have to face her fears to try to achieve this challenge.

Nellie Bly was directed by Chloé Berthier, Aaron Dubois, Maxime Gouilloux, Cindy Noël, Tom Sella. The short film features several digital environments, CG vegetation, various FX shots, a huge animal. A lot of compositing work was needed. For more information, don’t hesitate to watch the making-of video, which also includes behind-the-scenes footage. Specialist students Suyao Dong, Fabien Brunet-Manquat helped the team achieve their vision.

It should also be noted that Nellie Bly was also recently featured in an episode of Brazen, a French animated TV series about historical women.

Nellie Bly – some members of the team who created the short film

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