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La Meute (The pack): a woman recounts her story to the police

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Watch La Meute (The Pack), a student short film from French digital arts school Supinfocom Rubika (class of 2021). A CG short film centered around a woman who has been harassed and assaulted.

After a harrassing day, Marion, a young woman in her twenties, recounts her story to a policeman, hoping to be unterstood. For her, the responsible one is part of the hounds. For him, she is the one responsible.

Directed by Louise Cottin, Lou-Anne Abdou, Antoine Blossier Gacic, Charline Hedreville, Agathe Moulin, Victoria Normand, Gabriel Saint-Frison, this short film depicts the men who harassed or assaulted the young woman as wolves. The team also chose a slightly stylized approach on other visual elements (contour lignes, chrometic aberrations, etc).

Here is an interview of the team behind the short film (in French). A the 3:30 mark, Louis Cottin explains how she wrote the script and highlights that the teachers helped the team during the developement. The interview also gives more information about the animation and lighting.

It should be noted that other French thesis short films have been exploring similar themes (harassment and SGBV) in the past, such as Chronique (ECV Animation, class of 2020) and Hé Mademoiselle (ESMA, class of 2015).

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