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Clovis Gay : démoreels outils et rigging

Le TD Clovis Gay nous présente ses deux nouvelles démoreels rigging et outils ; il cherche actuellement un poste de Character TD Rigger.

Breakdown :

00:0800:48 : Modular AutoRig Tool, Maxscripted, bipeds, quadrupeds, multipeds. You can add each body parts where you want,
as many fingers as you want on hands…

00:4902:20 : Model rigged using this tool.
Features :
– IK/FK Stretch, deformable and Bendy limbs + scale on arms and legs.
– Foot Roll and banking.
– Squash & Stretch Spine, independant Pelvis.
– Head Look-At and Space switching.
– Head Squash & Stretch.
– Never Flip and good Shoulders and Hips deformations.
– Multiple Fingers Controls, individual phalanx influence.
– Hand pose Lock / Unlock.
– Attach / Detach props to Hands and Feet.
– Hand and Feet space switching.
– Pose Manager : Save and reload poses on Full body or on parts, mirror poses options, save animation tool.
With snapshots previz.

02:2102:46 : Facial rig, bones based with Additional morphs controlled by face manipulators.
Sticky lips, squash and stretch jaw, Eyelids follow Eyes orientation with variable influence, deformable Eye zone.

02:4702:59 : Facial rig, only morphs controlled and mixed by a Maxscript generated UI. Sticky lips, Right and left morphs blended by one controller.

03:0003:12 : Spline IK R&D, Dynamic spline editing, Refine Spline by adding controllers when and where you need.
Twist and scale fallOff.

03:1303:21 : Mouth Autorig, advanced sticky lips.

03:2203:27 : MultiLeg Autorig, ground detection and baked legs movement. No manual keyframe.

03:2804:04 : Auto and realtime Walk, Ground detection and Orientation following direction.
variable speed, steps High, steps distance, and animation offset.

04:05 : Realtime Springs Autorig, Global and each bone Tension and Damping.

Breakdown :

00:0800:57 : Character Loader: multiple combinations, can load multiple characters in a scene.

00:5801:37 : Feather Rigger :

– Feather Scale by Vertex Color + Size rotation random variation.
– Repartition on vertex Selection.
– Cage Modeling for Feather Scale and orientation.
– Local Controllers for Feather Scale & Rotation animation + random and turbulence animation.
– Wind and Gravity dynamics.
– Feathers follow mesh deformations.

01:3802:19 : Radius influence :

– Transforms and opacity controlled by Controller Distance and Radius.
– Speed, angle, position and scale variations + random values.

02:2002:39 : Pose Saver :

– Save and Reload multiple objects transforms with snapshots.
– Direct pose load.
– Save to external file.

02:4002:54 : Face Autorig :

– Surface detection for points placement.
– Mirror points
– Auto Rig Creation.

02:5503:05 : Face Autorig – Mocap : Personal Mocap tools and workflow based on 2D tracking.

03:0603:32 : Eye Autorig :

– Used on the face rig on my Rigging demoreel.
– Eyelids controlled by Eye rotation with variable influence + manual control.
– Position, Rotation and Scale can be animated.

03:3303:51 : Over Morpher :

– Custom Morpher over Animation.
– Random Poses Mixer on each mesh and random on selection.

03:5104:27 : XSI ICE Fstretch :

– Custom Compound
– Vertex tension and Compression detection.
– Volume preservation.
– Tension ad compression shapes mixed.


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