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This animated short film will make you younger

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Watch Les Ombres n’ont pas de dentier(Shadows don’t have dentures), a student short film from French school LISAA (class of 2022.) This animated short film follows an old lady in the heart of Paris… And her shadow!

Montmartre, Paris. Josette and her shadow have to go to the pharmacy but are getting tired. They will meet an energetic old man who will invite them to work out with him…


Miranda Reze: Co-director, Art Direction, Story, Character Design, Character Modeling, Props & Environments Modeling, Texturing, Lighting
Marine Chatry: Co-Director, Head of Production, Story, Storyboard/Layout, Background Concept, Background Modeling, 3D Animation, Editing
Alexis Cultier: Co-Director, Storyboard/Layout, 3D Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Compositing, Editing
Mélanie Huang: Co-Director, Direction Assistant, Rigging, Character Modeling, Props Modeling, Background Modeling, Texturing, Rendering
Louis Jardin: Co-Director, 3D Animation, Texturing, Lighting

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