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SIGGRAPH 2023: 4Dviews unveils cutting edge volumetric capture system HOLOSYS+

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Updated on August 18 – specs have been updated.

4Dviews, a French company specialized in volumetric capture, announces at SIGGRAPH their next generation capture system: HOLOSYS+.

The core idea remains similar to their previous offering, HOLOSYS. In a nutshell: a turnkey volumetric capture solutions, with all the hardware needed (from cameras to lighting and a control unit), software (with lifetime license and Unity, Unreal and WebXR plugins), 1 year of technical support as well as on-site installation and staff training.

4DViews explains that HOLOSYS+, visible above, brings increased texture quality, larger capture zone (with up to 3 people), better performance thanks to upgraded hardware and an extended recording capacity.

Here is a comparison between HOLOSYS+ & HOLOSYS:

capture volumeup to D6m x H3mup to D5m x H2.4m
capture frame rateup to 30 FPSup to 60 FPS
texture resolutionup to 2880pup to 2880p
volumetric filesizedown to 2 MB/s
(4DS format, Mobile 720p version)
down to 2 MB/s
(4DS format, Mobile 720p version)
recording capacity180 minutes at 30 FPS110 minutes at 30 FPS
storage capacityup to 60 hours of volumetric dataup to 30 hours of volumetric data

As a reminder, we interviewed 4Dviews CEO Richard Broadbridge back in 2022. He told us about the company, the advantages of using volumetric video, applications, as well as their editing software. The interview is in French but English subtitles are available.

0:00 Introduction to 4Dviews
0:25 Advantages of using volumetric video
0:42 Holosys
1:06 History of the company
1:49 4Dfx
2:26 component shortages?

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