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Prey: how MPC gave life to the Predator

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MPC unveiled a VFX Breakdown showing their work on the latest movie in the Predator franchise: Prey.

Led by VFX Supervisor Chris Uyede and VFX Producers Lachlan Christie and Cleo Dessureault, MPC’s global team delivered 632 shots for the movie.

As MPC explains: “The Predator itself was the primary focus of the team. The creature was tackled using a hybrid approach, including practical FX and digital techniques. Working in tandem with Studio ADI, who had fabricated an animatronic suit, MPC created a full CG Predator that was used to augment or replace parts of the suit as well as play as entirely 3D for close-ups on his face or when exaggerated performances were required.” MPC also worked on the invisibility cloak.

Last, but not least, MPC also handled gore effects, CG arrows, various environmental enhancements as well as CG animals such as a grizzly bear, a mountain lion, cougars, and a wolf.

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