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Life After BOB – The Chalice Study: what if an AI could live your life?

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Watch Life After BOB : The Chalice Study by Ian Cheng, a 50 minutes animated film that explores the consequences of AI in our daily life. The project was created as an episodic series.

Life After Bob was presented live and in real-time in 2021 and 2022, during exhibits in which the viewers could interact with the 3D content. They could use their smartphone as a remote, pause any scene, tap a character/artifact to get more information about the lore. The whole project was rendered using Unity.

In the first episode of Life After BOB, “Neural engineer Dr. Wong has installed an experimental AI named BOB (“Bag of Beliefs”) into the nervous system of his 10-year-old daughter Chalice. Designed to guide Chalice through the challenges of growing up in a volatile world, BOB confronts more and more of the conflicts in Chalice’s life on her behalf, while Chalice grows increasingly escapist. As Dr. Wong begins to favor the BOB side of his daughter, and as BOB threatens to do the job of living Chalice’s life better than she can, Chalice jealously wonders: what is left for her classic human self to do?”

Subtitles are available in various languages.

What if an AI could do the job of living your life better than you?

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