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Platige Image launches their own motion capture studio

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Platige Image, a Polish animation & VFX studio working on a wide range of projects such as game cinematics, advertising, music videos, series, feature films (you can watch their latest demoreels at the end of the article), just announced the launch of a motion capture studio

Up to a dozen characters captured at once

Platige explains that their studio features a 20m x 13m x 8m capture volume. This will allow them to “up to a dozen characters at once” (body performance only) or four actors when a full performance capture is needed (body + face + fingers capture). Furthermore, Platige says that the studio features “four fully wireless video references with autofocus, stabilization and a focal range of 25 to 380mm, which at the same time serve as virtual cameras with full focal shift synchronization between the reference camera and the virtual camera”. And since Platige can build their own set design components, the only limitation will be extreme use cases requiring a very large capture area or an open space.

Elżbieta Trosińska, Mocap Producer at Platige Image, also explains that Platige “created a proprietary HMC (Head-Mounted Camera) system for recording faces”, instead of bying an already available commercial product.

Internal projects & external clients

This new studio will have a dual purpose. Platige will use it for their own needs (cinematics, in-game animations, etc) but will also provide motion capture services for other studios. In other words, you can now ask Platige to capture the movements of actors and actresses for you, and they will send you the raw data or cleaned up data depending on your needs.

This approach makes sense. It will allow Platige Image to get hired on a wider range of projects and with new partners, which should help their business grow and get more resilient.
This announcement is therefore more than just an investment in new tech, and should be seen as a way for Platige to grow stronger in the years to come. The studio crrently employs more than 300 people.

Here is a short sneak peak of the studio, followed by a video on the making of a cinematic created by Platige for Dying Light 2 Stay Human using motion capture (for more information about this game, you can check out our in-depth interview).

Last, but not least, here is the latest Platige VFX showreel, as well as anniversary videos showcasing 25 years of projects.

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