Accueil » A huge success for the Lynx mixed reality headset at Laval Virtual 2022

A huge success for the Lynx mixed reality headset at Laval Virtual 2022

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During Laval Virtual Europe 2022, which took place a few days ago in France, we had the opportunity to get back in touch with Lynx, a French startup company working on a promising mixed reality headset. We have already interviewed their CEO Stan Larroque a few weeks ago (you can watch the video below), but we wanted to give you more information on the product and the way it was received by the AR/VR professionals attending Laval Virtual.

A crowded booth

First of all, we must highlight that the Lynx booth at Laval Virtual was very crowded during the whole event: professionals were eager to get a hands-on experience with the upcoming headset. This is obviously good news for Lynx, especially since the headset is available for preorder.

Laval Virtual 2023, the year of the Lynx?

This crowded booth also mean that Laval Virtual 2023 should be a good opportunity to discover Lynx R-1 use cases. The Lynx headset will launch in June: the customers will therefore have more than enough time to develop interesting applications before the next edition of the Laval Virtual Conference next spring.

We can also expect the Lynx headset to be adopted for research and artistic projects, which are also a big part of why Laval Virtual is an interesting and eclectic event.

What about the hinge? Lynx answers your questions

Here is another piece of information if you’re considering buying this headset. Following our video interview with Stan Larroque, several of our readers/viewers asked us about the flip-up design of the Lynx headset, and wanted to know whether the hinge would come loose after extended use.

The Lynx R-1 headset, flipped up

We asked Lynx about this during Laval Virtual. The company was quite open about the subject and admitted that this had indeed been quite a challenge: their first prototype did have this issue. However, Lynx assured us that this issue is now long gone. Their latest prototypes have undergone about 8 month of constant use by their own team, and they had no issue whatsoever. In any case, you will be able to adjust the friction of the hinge using a screwdriver.

(Re)watch our interview with Lynx CEO Stan Larroque

If you haven’t already, don’t hesitate to watch our interview of Lynx CEO Stan Larroque. The interview is in French, but English subtitles are available.

0:00 Introduction to Lynx-R1
0:58 Lenses, pros & cons
2:25 See-through vs pass-through
3:11 Component shortages
3:48 Software, Unity, UE
4:18 Sales figures?
4:32 Creating a VR headset in France
5:02 “The European champion of Mixed Reality”
5:26 Data Privacy Policy
6:06 Is Apple a threat? (upcoming AR/VR headset rumors)
7:08 Lynx V2

Technical specs:

  • Lenses: 4-fold catadioptric freeform prism.
  • Display: 2x 1600×1600 LCD @90Hz.
  • Field of view: 90° (circular).
  • PPD : 18 (with super resolution).
  • Sensors: 2 B&W cameras (positional tracking), 2 IR cameras (hand tracking), 2 visible light cameras (RGB), accelerometer, gyroscope.
  • Tracking: 6DoF (SLAM with world anchors).
  • Audio: 2 stereo speakers, microphone array (2 channels), 3.5mm TRRS Jack.
  • Processing: Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 SoC, 6GB LPDDDR5, 128GB of storage (extensible with micro SD card).
  • Software platform: Android 10, Unity3D, Unreal Engine.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), BlueTooth 5.0, USB Type-C.
  • Battery life: 3 hours of active use.
  • Active cooling.

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