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Weart: hot, cold, forces & vibrations at your fingertips in VR!

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During Laval Virtual 2022, we had the opportunity to meet Weart. This Italian company showcased their latest product, TouchDIVER: a haptic device that provides finger tracking as well as touch, heat and cold.

Here is our interview of Weart, followed by our thoughts about this product. The interview is in English; subtitles are available (both in English and French) and can be turned on/off using the Youtube interface.

Over the years, we had the chance to try out several haptic devices. Quite often, promising products are not that impressive, or are complicated tu put on.

When it comes to TouchDIVER, however, thermal cues are good: the temperature range is quite wide. A VR soda can right out of a fridge? Your hand in a fire? TouchDIVER is able to handle these situations. Of course, the device is calibrated and won’t actually burn you, but you will still have the instinct to put your hand out of a VR fire. Textures are not perfectly reproduced, but this limitation can be found with every haptic device on the market. It should be noted, however, that thermal cues can enhance textures and forces: when touching marble, you expect the object to feel a little bit cold. Forces can only be felt at the tip of your fingers, but thanks to this design, TouchDIVER is much more easier to put on than many competiting haptic devices.
No haptic device is perfect, and whether TouchDIVER is the right product for you will really depend on your specific needs.

Last, but not least, Weart also developped TouchKEY, an upcoming device that is not as fully-fledged as TouchDIVER but is easier to use, and can also serve as a development/prototyping tool.

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