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Maya 2014 : le Service Pack 4 disponible

Maya 2014

Autodesk a mis en ligne le Service Pack 4 de Maya 2014.

Voici la liste des bugs corrigés :

MAYA-22492     Play every frame, maximum real-time inaccurate when looping     Animation General
MAYA-27405     Triggering evaluation on one shape in a blendShape triggers them all (performance improvement)     Animation General
MAYA-27808     Fixed issue with Autokey mode and Undo in Channel Box (sliders)     Animation General
MAYA-29214     Correct performance of buffer curves when modifying selection with new optionVar     Animation General
MAYA-29407     Only the first blendShape works     Animation General
MAYA-29420     Sequencer playback stutters when in real time mode     Animation General
MAYA-29710     Paint blendShape weights tool disconnects second target shape on object     Animation General
MAYA-30956     Euler filter doesn’t work with layers     Animation General
MAYA-31773     AnimLayers: Can’t copy/paste keys for boolean and enum attributes     Animation General
MAYA-33681     Setting attributes with autokey enabled requires two undos to remove the key     Animation General
MAYA-33805     HIK rigs don’t have BPKGs on the FK nodes     Animation General
MAYA-34285     Maya HIK scaling baked curves in Graph Editor causes crash     Animation General
MAYA-30258     Improper call to kAfterNew message where it appears at startup     API
MAYA-30581     Obj export with file node connected to lambert breaks on import (manual editing required to correct)     Data Transfer
MAYA-33917     Using DirectConnect from command line raises license issue     DirectConnect
MAYA-28616     Fixed issues with epxorting construction history on selected nodes     File I/O
MAYA-23602     Unable to remove references from Outliner context menu (previously resolved by browsing to the file)     File Referencing
MAYA-26142     QtOpenGL issue where the viewport conforms to the QtWindow size     Foundation
MAYA-30003     MEL memory read error causes crash     Foundation
MAYA-14397     Fixed memory issues with unassigned return values     MEL
MAYA-13111     Fixed crash with mayabase.dll and ramp shader     mental ray
MAYA-31064     ImagePlane casts shadows when rendered in mental ray     mental ray
MAYA-29629     Single frame performance lag in solve     nHair
MAYA-13670     HLSL Shader plugin failed to find shader that is in folder with scene file     Rendering
MAYA-24366     Fixed crash with Delete Edge Tool (polyengine/ TpolyGeom getVertex)      Rendering
MAYA-29829     Draw issue with face normals on inverted faces     Rendering
MAYA-30176     PSD layers drop-down menu does not with with DX11 shader     Rendering
MAYA-30304     Update problem in Viewport 2.0 with shader assignment to unconnected faces in component mode on a poly object     Rendering
MAYA-30966     Fixed issue with Viewport 2.0 and Undo workflows that caused displays to be out of sync     Rendering
MAYA-31059     Fixed performance issues with Interactive Sequence caching option in File node     Rendering
MAYA-29623     Deleting scene assemblies connected to undeletable nodes allows undeletable nodes to be deleted     Scene Assembly
MAYA-29321     Fix listAttr to work when a node has greater than 2^15 attributes     Scripting
MAYA-31350     Fix renameAttr and Save As functionality for nodes with greater than 2^15 attributes     Scripting
MAYA-33012     Baked noise infinite loop fix     XGen
MAYA-33013     Animated influence curve fix     XGen

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