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Laval Virtual 2023 : Think the Future!

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Laval Virtual is back in 2023, with the 25th edition of this must-see tradeshow on immersive technologies (VR, MR, AR).

April 12-16, 2023, Laval Virtual will showcase innovating products, the latest research, as well as VR/AR competitions and conferences. The event is split in two parts: Business Days (April 12-14) then Consumer Days on the weekend, aimed at a wider audience.
Laval Virtual 2023 announced that “close to 200 exhibitors spread over square meters 5400” will attend the event.

Laval Virtual 2023 : Think the future!

The official tagline for Laval Virtual 2023 is Think the future!, and Alexandre Bouchet, Director of Laval Virtual, explains why:

Work remotely, the metaverse… work environments have evolved, social links have changed, more and more innovative project leaders are integrating new digital tools, big companies learned how to adapt and create cutting-edge solutions. Nevertheless, every change leads to questions and sometimes even fears. Where does this evolution take us? Will we have our own avatar one day? Will our digital twin have its own identity? How to take advantage of those technologies without missing business opportunities?
What are the perspectives of evolution in our daily life?
Many questions that we will answer through a complete conference programme, meetings with professionals here to present their solution in a dedicated event, and experiences that you must test to better understand these changes.

As usual, Laval Virtual isn’t just a tradeshow where the latest innovations are showcased: the goal is also to discuss what impact they might have.

Laval Virtual 2023: from startups to multinational corporations

Laval Virtual will welcome a wide range of companies, from big corporations (Meta, Microsoft, Pico, Valeo, Samsung, PNY, Sopra Steria) to stakeholders of the immersive technologies markets (Lynx, Immersion, TechViz, Sense Glove, Myxed, HaptX, Holoforge).

You can discover all the exhibitors on the official website.

Laval Virtual
The exhibition floor

ReVolution Competitions: is this the future of VR/AR?

During Laval Virtual 2023, 4 competitions will showcase innovationg immersive projects:

  • ReVolution #Research for academic research projects
  • ReVolution #StartUps for young companies under 3 years of age
  • ReVolution #Experiences for immersive content production studios
  • ReVolution #Students for student projects

In a nutshell, research teams, studios, startups, schools usually provide hands-on demos of their projects. We highly recommend you to check them out, as these emerging technologies and innovating demos can give you a glimpse of things to come. Furthermore, they are a good opportunity to have fun between a conference and an appointment!

Here are a few examples of the demos you will be able to experience:

  • An echolocation system, as if you were a dolphin or a bat,
  • A VR Medical Anatomy Platform,
  • An asset editor aimed at mobile AR experiences,
  • Explore Notre-Dame de Paris,
  • Chat with a virtual barman powered by ChatGPT,
  • experience a boxing training tool relying on VR and a robot,
  • play with a flying simulator inside a real cockpit,
  • or even sort documents in VR using hand gestures.
Laval Virtual

Conférences: 6 thematic half-days

An extensive conference program is also planned at Laval Virtual 2023, with international experts from various backgrounds:

  • Future of XR: What to expect in the coming years in terms of technological progress? With Microsoft, Ecorys, etc
  • Immersive Digital Learning: How companies and schools take advantage of virtual reality for training? What are the latest trends of Immersive Learning? With Lynx, Accenture, Pwc, etc
  • Metaverse Dilemmas: International experts will discuss on stage to decrypt the dilemmas of the Metaverse, both poison, cure and the black sheep of the issues of our society. With Meta, Sydney University, European Commission, etc
  • VR & AR: what benefits for my business?: Well-known companies sharing how virtual reality has transformed their way of working and boosted their sales. With Amazon, Snapchat, Chanel, PTC, etc Avec Amazon, Snapchat, Chanel, PTC, etc
  • 360 Industry: An opportunity to take a look at current and future uses in the industry. With Unity, Siemens, Alstom, Valeo, etc
  • XR for Good: This topic illustrates the positive impact of VR/AR through testimonials of positive initiatives. With Netflix, orange, Ubisoft, etc
Laval Virtual 2023 - conferences
Some of the speakers

Recto VRso – digital art festival

During Laval Virtual, an international digital art festival will also take place: Recto VRso, founded by the artist & researcher Judith Guez.
Recto VRso will feature two art galleries:

  • The Art & VR Gallery, the main exhibition space. As a way to celebrate the 25th edition of Laval Virtual, this gallery will feature artists who already RectoVRso awards in the past. They will showcase their latest work.
  • The OFF, on the other hand, will feature immersive artworks, concerts and shows by students from universities who were already partners of Recto VRso in the past.

It should be noted that Recto VRso is not located at the same place as the exhibition. However, buses will be available to make the trip from one location to the other.

Laval Virtual 2022

Prepare your visit

You can get your ticket on the official website. A Full pass will allow you to attend the whole event including conferences, the LV Party and the Awards Ceremony, while a cheaper Exhibition pass will only allow you to visit the tradeshow, use the networking mobile app and attend Recto VRso. Students can get an Exhibition pass for 18€.

If you can only spend a couple hours on site, a a 1h30 guided tour is also available. “Best of show” focuses on the latest VR/AR Innovations at the show.
The official website will also give you more information on how to get to Lava Virtual. Trains from Paris to the Laval train station are available, and shuttles / buses will take you from the train station to the convention center.

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