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Accueil » Inexpensive 3D scanning, Mikros Animation on TMNT, Pixar President Jim Morris, VTubing… here are all the videos we published this summer!

Inexpensive 3D scanning, Mikros Animation on TMNT, Pixar President Jim Morris, VTubing… here are all the videos we published this summer!

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During the summer, we shared several videos on our Youtube channel (don’t forget to subscribe!). If you were on holiday, you might have missed some of them. Here is a recap!

  • Our showcase of the Revopoint INSPIRE 3D Scanner, an inexpensive 3D structured light scanner. We included lots of scans that we created using this device.
    The Kickstarter campaign will end mid-September.
00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – overview, scanning workflow
02:51 – markers
03:37 – addons
03:46 – mobile scanning advice
04:01 – dark, reflective, transparent objects?
04:29 – wrap-up, reel
  • Our interview with Mikros Animation Paris about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Don’t miss the parts about the visual style, how important matte painting was on this animated feature, crowd sims!
    The second part of the interview is focused on more general topics, such as Mikros’ take on AI
00:00 – Introduction
00:13 – Visual style, collaboration with Jeff Rowe/Nickelodeon
06:19 – How the hand-drawn look was achieved
07:38 – Mikros Animation Paris/Montréal
09:09 – Matte painting, how to blend matte & CG, New York
13:13 – Crowd sims, Golaem/Houdini, Times Square
17:20 – Bad guy (spoilers!)
17:44 – Lighting, shading, compositing
19:36 – halos
20:06 – Stylized animation trend
21:58 – AI at Mikros Animation ?
23:43 – Real-time rendering?
23:51 – Advice for young artists
  • David Cragné from CLARTE unveils a tool aimed at VTubers that will allow you to animate an avatar, live, using a webcam!
00:00 – What is L.A.P.S.? VTubers, privacy
00:54 – What kind of avatars can be used?
01:28 – micro-expressions, overcoming the uncanny valley
01:53 – equipment required, LAPS x motion capture
02:58 – LAPS in VR?
03:18 – Limitations?
05:55 – Where and when can I get it?
07:19 – mocap data export, customization
08:06 – CLARTE & other projects
  • Our interview with Pixar President Jim Morris. We asked him about his career, how innovation is approached at Disney and Pixar, his take on AI, diversity, how Pixar improves their carbon footprint, how Disney+ impacted the way Pixar creates animation.
    We also asked him about two movies that failed at the box office: John Carter which he produced, and Lightyear. He shared with us the lessons he learnt from these experiences.
00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – ILM, The Abyss & Always
02:04 – John Carter
03:25 – Beginnings at Pixar, day to day job as Pixar President
05:42 – Disney Animation vs Pixar
06:12 – Studios helping each other, open source
06:48 – Technology (vision, technology groups at Pixar, RenderMan)
08:36 – AI at Pixar?
10:33 – Diversity at Pixar
13:22 – Disney+
15:01 – Carbon footprint, net zero?
15:37 – Looking back at Lightyear
17:02 – Stylized animation at Pixar?
19:20 – Jim Morris & HELHa

Last, but not least, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel to get notified about our upcoming videos!

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