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AI & VFX : Wonder Studio is out of beta, available for everyone

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Back in March, we wrote about Wonder Studio, an online tool that allows you to animate, light and compose CG characters into live-action scenes, thanks to AI. The idea is to film footage with a real human being, then to replace them in just a few clicks.
The end result: a video that you can use as is. Or, if needed, the cleaned plate, the 3D scene with mocap data, and more. A good starting point for artists and studio that can then tweak and improve the scene in any 3D software.

After a closed beta phase, the tool is now available for everyone. The online help will help you getting started.

Wonder Studio is quite easy to use: import video footage, let the tool detect humans in the video, select which human(s) you want to replace and the 3D characters that should be used, then launch the processing. We warned, though: a free plan won’t get you very far, and Wonder Studio will ask you to subscribe in order to render the final footage. Various plans are available, starting at around $20/mo for the lite version, $100 for the pro version (with additional features). Choosing an annual plan will save you 15%.

To try Wonder Studio by yourself, head over to the official website.

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