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3DF Zephyr gets an upgrade: improved accuracy, ArtEngine integration

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3DFlow just launched 3DF Zephyr 6.5, the latest version of their photogrammetry/3D scanning software.

This upgrade features an improved Structure from Motion algorithm (more robust and accurate), a new vertical structure preset (useful for structures such as tall buildings and electric pylons). 3DF Zephyr also partnered with Unity: ArtEngine is now integrated into 3DF Zephyr. Furthermore, 3DF Zephyr 6.5 provides USD file format export support, as well as various workflow and animation improvements.

Here are the announcement video and the changelog:

+ Structure from motion robustness and accuracy improvements
+ New vertical structure preset
+ Faster modular save
+ Faster edge filtering with photoconsistency
+ Improved texturing
+ Unity artengine integration
+ Orthophoto editor
+ Improved elevation profile interface
+ Improved drawing elements interface
+ Improved LoD mesh export
+ Spot height map tool
+ Video animator wizard
+ Improved multi-tile DEM viewer
+ Improved photo management and tags
+ Improved unit of measurements management
+ USD file format export support
+ LoD tiff orthophoto
+ Improved bounding box gizmo
+ Improved masking integration in Zephyr
+ Improved picking on textured meshes
+ Improved screenshot
+ Marker print center for picking clarity
+ Minor fixes

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