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ZBrush 2020.1 est de sortie : quoi de neuf ?

Pixologic annonce le lancement de ZBrush 2020.1, nouvelle version de son outil de sculpture 3D.

Sans surprise, la mise à jour est gratuite ; elle apporte 18 correctifs de bugs, un outil de diagnostic pour améliorer l’envoi de retours aux développeurs, une dizaine d’améliorations mineures pour les outils intégrés. Enfin, certains plugins sont mis à jour.

L’ annonce détaille la procédure à suivre pour mettre à jour votre installation.

Fixed: ZBrush UI - Mac Finder Blurry Text & Icons.
Fixed: Text box working in Japanese Windows with button Size set to <= 41.
Fixed: Translated UI that cut SubTool info off in Japanese / Korean languages.
Fixed: Size Sliders causing crash after changing size of a Project then reloading the Project.
Fixed: Bracket ( ] ) increase draw size hotkey was broken (MacOS).
Fixed: FiberMesh Curves OBJ Exporting was not creating OBJ (MacOS).
Fixed: Mesh Turns Black While Layer in Record Mode
Fixed: Tool:Masking:Go To Unmasked Center does not create an undo.
Fixed: Ghost SubTool names would remain when loading another project.
Fixed: ZAppLink Photoshop & PaintStop RGB Projection Errors.
Fixed: Switching to the lower subdivision during recording mode on Layers, the model turns to black.
Fixed: ZBrush would QuickSave a blank ZPR file that caused a crash.
Fixed: History Recall does not work if Split Screen is enabled.
Fixed: Slice Curve Brush to Morph UV mesh Crash.
Fixed: ZModeler vertex snapping with smaller meshes.
Fixed: Symmetry icons updating when switching from Local Symmetry to World Symmetry.
Fixed: Interactive Light causing crashes.
Fixed: Improved Mac fans issue on macOS.
Added: A diagnostic utility to improve the submission and resolution of future bug reports.
Updated: The Menus button has been placed back into the ZBrush UI.
Updated: Projection Master shortcut is now Shift +G.
Updated: Lasso Select brush will allow a larger selection.
Update: FiberMesh with Subdiv will not render PolyFrame color with BPR.
Updated: Size Sliders will only update if Enter is pressed.
Updated: Clip, Slice and Trim brushes will no longer be able to be used when in Morph UV mode.
Updated: Button Size Clips UI clipping (MacOS) with very large button size(>90).
Updated: User can now define colors for Draft Analysis.
Updated: When renaming SubTools the first letter will no longer be capitalized automatically.

Plugin Updates:
        Fixed camera import error messages
        Improved support for more than one display on macOS
    Decimation Master
        Fixed path issue that affected some users on Windows
    Left and Right tray macro
        Right tray macro updated to open/close right tray.
        Will now launch on MacOs 10.15 (Catalina)
    UV Master
        Automatically selects Paint brush for control painting
    ZBrush to Photoshop
        Resolved Subtool layer issue
    3D Print Hub
        Updated 3DPrintHubAbout.PSD file
    SubTool Master
        Removed stray button in DoVisible options
        Restored hiding of the top menus
    GoZ for Maya (Win/Mac)
        Support for Maya2020
    GoZ Installer
        Support for Maya2020

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