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Houdini 18.5 : une masse de nouveautés

SideFX a dévoilé comme prévu Houdini 18.5, nouvelle version de son logiciel phare.
Au menu, KineFX et ses outils de rigging et animation, des avancées sur le système de look dev et layout Solaris mais aussi sur le moteur de rendu Karma, des améliorations sur Pyro FX, des brosses physiques pour Vellum… La liste exhaustive des avancées est particulièrement longue :


New foundation for procedural SOP rigging, retargeting and more
Phase 1 of comprehensive rigging environment for animation
Joint hierarchies expressed as regular SOP point & edge geometry
Access to full SOP arsenal for rig and motion editing
Available collision-detection for rigs and full characters
Physics-based full body IK solver with multiple centres of mass
Procedural retargeting toolset
Non-destructive motion editing operators
Optimized terrain adaptation / foot planting for heroes and crowds
More unified approach to handling character and crowd motion
Production-driven heroing and crowd finaling capabilities
Shape deformer controls for crowd agents
Pattern matching against agent’s clip names
Ability to quickly reset all the joint limits of an agent
Specialized rig-tree GUI to visualize and edit hierarchies
Updated capture layer painting
Updated pose library
Dynamic Warp CHOP
Extensive I/O capabilities including FBX and mocap


5-10x faster guide deformation
Stable and smooth guide interpolation
Over 5x faster long hair generation
Over 2x faster short hair generation
Over 2x faster hair clumping


Snapshot gallery for IPR renders and their LOP network settings
Improved light mixing, with interactive multi-light editing
Large-scene optimized physics for faster interactive layout
Instanceable references and local transforms in Edit LOP
Spreadsheet access to transform values in Light Mixer and Edit LOP
Significantly faster retiming of instances
Improved multi-shot workflows with insertion points and grafting
Destruction LOP for convenient embedding of fracturing FX
Variant visualization with Explore Variants LOP
Easy geometry sequencing into a single animated scene graph
Fine-grained performance tracking of LOP cooking
UX improvements to the Scene Graph Details pane
Primvar masking via bounding geometry
HDA dynamic payloads
Bounding-box display of unloaded payloads
Per render-delegate display settings in viewport
Significantly faster OpenGL rendering of populous small meshes
Improved light projection map support
Light barn-doors with interactive 3D handles
20x faster shader translation performance
Streamlined shader authoring
OSL shader authoring in VOPs
‘imaketx’ executable to create .exr and .rat maps
Husk-driven progressive rendering to MPlay
Husk-driven MPlay monitoring while rendering to disk
Husk-driven pre & post python scripting
Husk-driven tile rendering
Many other enhancements across the board


Full support for USD 20.08
UsdSkel importing of crowd agents
LOP-path support for USD packed primitives
USD-conforming dome-light environment maps
USD plugin to load ASCII and Blosc-compressed Houdini geometry
USD material referencing workflows
USD VEX functions that operate on paths
Significant VEX optimizations on USD arrays: up to 40x
More flexible USD exporting with USD ROP

Karma (Beta+)

Overall: improved performance & close feature parity with Mantra
Lens shaders with physical properties
Simplified motion blur with USD ‘instantaneousShutter’ support
Improved adaptive sampling / variance anti-aliasing
Controllable indirect ray casting based on target noise threshold
Controllable convergence mode
‘Random Walk’ sub-surface scattering
Native heightfield rendering
Higher quality fur rendering
Improved ocean-surface rendering
Displacement exports
Limited support for VEX trace() e.g. for rounded edge rendering
VEX functions for importance texture sampling
Light path expressions
Custom light shaders
Binding of arbitrary primvars to shader imports
Significant preview shader performance and AOV support
Per-instance geometry and visibility overrides
Partial-rendering / checkpointing
Click-to-target progressive rendering
Detailed render diagnostics
Cryptomatte support with AOVs
Support for primvar AOVs
Ptex support
Improved OpenEXR metadata
Specialized Distant Light LOP
Simplified Karma LOP UI
IPR and COP denoising with Intel and Nvidia OptiX7

Pyro and FLIP Fluids

New SOP toolset to source and shape complex explosions
Simulate high-end pyro FX with very little setup effort
One-click explosions via specialized pyro shelf tools
Interactive, GPU-accelerated ‘minimal’ pyro solver for rapid prototyping
Nvidia nanoVDB support for minimal solver
Redesigned, easy to dial pyro shader
Adaptive viscosity solver for FLIP fluids

RBD Destruction

Up to 50% faster loading of destruction scene files
Enhanced control over partitioning of Concrete material
Fracture-piece dialling by attribute
Improved edge detail cutting
Enhancements to RBD Exploded View
RBD Guide tools for custom guided simulations
Improved RBD Exploded View workflow and analysis
Custom-cutter trimming and boolean de-triangulation
More efficient merging of fractures with RBD Connected Faces
Solaris dive-point for easy setup of destruction FX inside LOPs
Accurate linear and angular velocity of deforming static objects
Bullet World Scale parameter for quick scene down-scaling


Interactive, GPU-accelerated ‘minimal’ solver with nanoVDB support
Ability to operate quasi-statically in SOPs (with velocity damping)
Dedicated physics brushes for curves, meshes and soft bodies
Enhanced constraint capabilities in SOPs
Secondary bend constraint pass for faster cloth and more stable sliding
Fast pressure constraints and better occupancy during GPU solve
Per-point pressure scale for interesting inflation effects
Downloadable fabric setups with physical properties and shaders


Versatile Attach and Slide constraints for connected structures
Accurate constraint evaluation at large time-steps
Tet-mesh inspection and visualization with FEM Validate SOP
Improved simulation performance


New Services framework for faster and more efficient task execution
Services support for all ROP Fetch-based nodes
Specialized TOPs operating on frame ranges
Redesigned Message Queue server and relay for schedulers
Better scalability, lower farm usage, easier to use
30% faster and 75% less memory with large sets of work-items
Partitioning enhancements, e.g. control over attribute merging
In-process scheduler enhancements
Ability to run in-process work-items on the main thread
More flexible and efficient dynamic processor nodes
Simplified path mapping between file systems
Complete overhaul of ImageMagick node
Redesigned SendMail node
Enhanced interfacing with the Deadline scheduler
Sweeping improvements to many nodes e.g. ffmpeg, csv, USD
Improved geometry importing
Comprehensive performance monitoring
Work-item dots visible on TOP Network tile outside of TOPs
Ability to page the display of work-item dots on a TOP tile
One-click access to job parameters from processor nodes
Work-item context menu accessible from Task Graph table
Enhanced Task Graph display options

Houdini Engine / Plugins / Services

UE4 plugin V2.0 (beta) with Blueprints, World Composition, PDG
Live link between KineFX and UE4
Live two-way bridge via new SessionSync protocol (Unity & UE4)
Inexpensive querying of HDA parameters
Python bindings for Houdini Engine API
Embedded web server for interprocess communication

Environments / Geometry

High-level instance & orient tool for fast procedural layout
Attribute masking by geometry, shadows, AO and more
Methods to create common attribute patterns
Artist-friendly geometry chaining and instancing along path
Advanced topology transfer from template mesh to scan or sculpt
Flexible geometry deformation along path
Robust poly bevelling with smart-edge selection
Redesigned UV flattening with island straightening
Improved performance and interruptibility of grouping nodes
Fuller set of attribute manipulation nodes
Dictionary attribute support
‘Full-precision’ display option in Geometry Spreadsheet
Improved UX for attribute paintbrush
Enhanced handle for 3D bending
Many more compilable SOPs

Network Editor

Radial menus with dynamic scripting support
Freehand node-wire stitching

3D Viewports

Depth of field + bokeh
Uniform and volumetric fog
10x faster high-quality lighting of large scenes with many lights
‘Drawables’ API for custom guide and widget rendering
Enhanced python API for custom viewport interaction
New Python API for custom 3D handles
Improved OpenColorIO support
DDS 8-bit image importing
OCIO view synchronization with MPlay
More accurate colour correction
Default zoom on background images
Interactive resizing of splitter views
Greater precision for scenes located far from origin
Locked-camera indicator

SideFX Labs

2D WaveFunction Collapse algorithm for world building
Wang Tiles sampler and decoder
Road generator
Mesh sharpener
FBX archive importer
Triplanar displacement tool
Box cutter for fast boolean modelling
Pick-and-place tool for interactive layout
Automatic and interactive texture trimming
Updated ROPs: VAT, Niagara, Dem Bones
Compositing nodes: Blackbody, Grid Texture, Demosaic
Mocap importers: Axis Neuron, Rokoko
Simplified versioning and namespacing of HDAs for pipelines
Easier access to SideFX Labs toolset

…Everything with production-ready support for python 3.7

Pour une version plus digeste, nous vous conseillons de voir ou revoir la présentation vidéo.

Houdini 18.5 sera disponible le 20 octobre. Rappelons que ce produit est proposé à l’achat et la location dans la boutique 3DVF.fr.

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anodin 16 octobre 2020 at 14 h 34 min

C’est pas possible ! Ils développent plus vite qu’on peut l’apprendre !

Shadows 16 octobre 2020 at 15 h 02 min

Oui, ça avance vite !

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