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Writers strike: towards a historic agreement – picketing suspended

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Above: writers on strike, September 24 – Photo: WGA

At last! Following an almost 5 months long strike, the Writers Guild of America (WGA, syndicat des scénaristes) announces that a tentative agreement has been found with the studios/the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers).
In other words, the WGE and the studios have found an agreement, and we now have to wait for the fine print.
At this stage, the strike is not officially over, and writers are not returning to work, but picketing is suspended.

The details of the tentative agreement have not been made public: the WGA explains they want to wait until everything that has been agreed on is codified in final contract language. We should know more very soon. The WGA explains that we can expect “meaningful gains and protections for writers”.

As a reminder, writers were asking for better pay, as well as some form of protection against AI.

This announcement is a huge step for the entertainement industry, which has been paralysed for months. We will of course discuss the details of the agreement once they are made public.
Actors are still on strike, though. As a reminder, they launched their strike back in July.


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