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Witches: a feminist animated short film by Stim Studio

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Stim Studio has unveiled their short film Witches. Written by Amaryllis Premillieu, Witches is a feminist tale about witch hunts with a modern twist.

Directed by Thibaut Vuillin, Witches was produced by Stim Studio in collaboration with the student association Cpasdec.

At dawn, in an old house in the middle of a dark forest, four women are discussing quietly. Who are the people threatening them when they try to help heal people? Celeste, our main protagonist, is determined to go help a family in need despite the dangers awaiting her outside. Will she succeed her mission without getting caught? Are witch-hunts really a thing of the past in our modern times?

Stim Studio partnered with Foundry, which allowed the team to use Katana, Nuke and Mari. The film was rendered inside Katana using the Redshift renderer. Sound effects and voices recording were handled by Pilon sound studio in Lyon.

Located in Lyon, France, Stim Studio is a creative studio working on animated and VFX projects. Their work range from game cinematics to commercials and films. Here is their latest demoreel:

Crédits :
Puzzle Royal – client: noOne
Tom and Jerry – client: Framestore
The Amazing Maurice – client: Red Star
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2D project – Alexandre Blain
Squad – Stim production
Witches – Stim production

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