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When AR & 3D printing meet a velociraptor

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Florent Germain recently unveiled an impressing personnal project: a 3D printed velociraptor skeleton, which comes alive thanks to AR.

Here is the result, followed by some technical details:

The first step of the project was to 3D print the skeleton. Florent used a 3D model by Inhuman Species, an Belgian CG artist.

3D printing, cleaning, painting: a tedious process followed by the asembly of the 3D printing bones.

Here is the completed skeleton:

A 3D model of the velociraptor was then created using Blender. Florent Germain tried to stay close to the latest scientific findings, whish is why the creature has feathers and doesn’t look like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park/World.

Last, but not least, Florent Germain used Vuforia, a tool he knows very well since he is AR Team Lead at PTC, the company behind Vuforia.

This project involved many hours of work, but Florent Germain was highly motivated since it was created for his 4 year-old daughter, who loves dinosaurs.

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