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Accueil » Watch these 10 shorts created by Gobelins students for the Annecy Animation Festival 2023!

Watch these 10 shorts created by Gobelins students for the Annecy Animation Festival 2023!

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It’s a long tradition (almost 50 years!). Every year, animation students from French animation school Gobelins Paris create very short films that are showcased at the Annecy Animation Festival, before the screenings.
And since this year the Annecy Festival honors Mexican animation, this is the theme of these new short films.

If you haven’t planned to attend the Annecy Festival this year, if you have so many meetings that you won’t be able to watch the screenings or if you want to watch the shorts films another time afterwards, you’re in luck! They will be available online. Every day, a new short will be published online.
Here are the 10 short films created by Gobelins students for the Annecy Festival, in the order in which they will be available online. Don’t hesitate to come back here in the coming days!

Please note that dates ant times are given in Paris Time (UTC+2). If you live far from Europe, don’t hesitate to click on the videos, Youtube will automatically convert the time/date to your local time and display it in the bottom left corner of the video.

Murales – available June 9th, 9.a.m. (UTC+2)

A journey through Mexico city, its visual culture and how it reflects its people.

Directors: Escoute Naomi, Leboursicot Laora, Moran Masha, Popovich-Beaume Mia, Hsu Yosi, Hijzelaar Lava.

Saguaro – June 10th, 9.a.m.

As the fruit on the Saguaro cacti ripens, a grandma from the Tohono o’Odham gets to work on harvesting them with her grandchildren. As night falls, the fruits reveal their secrets and frame the desert in an entirely new way…

Directors: Bondarenko Yehor, Fischer Joshua, Fukumori Samuel, Kuoch William, Rapaport Maaravi Aya, Rewal Tara.

Nahualli, June 11th – 9.30.am

An Aztec priest prepares for a ceremony in honor of Quetzalcoatl. The statuettes around him come to life to help him embody this deity.

Réalisation : Burger William, Glavaski Nina, Palasie Zoé, Ginguene Lila, Mondamert Garance, Soucanh Elisa.

Zambombazo Mix, June 12th – 12am

Mexican dances and colors come together in an explosive musical clip.

Khéma Cousin, Jacob Siméon, Joury Pauline, Meric Elifsu, Mounier Joséphine, Vernoux-Nizet Maxime.

¡Que Onda Wey! 2005, June 13th 12 a.m.

On a hot afternoon in 2005, a young cholombiano walks through the busy streets of Mexico City to join his peers at a party.

Decellas Marion, Feng Janelle, Goudeau Ilona, Lizion Joséphine, Sooba Leena, Wong Arthur, Yajima Ange

Siesta Y Fiesta,, June 14th – 12 a.m.

In a lazy mexican town, a fiesta river cuts the calm of the siesta in half.

Bouaouiche Johanna, Cheng Michelle, Lainé Odelia, Laplace Jean, Martinez Andréa, Navillod Lou.

Clavel Gris, June 15th – 12 a.m.

A Mexican little boy discovers the Aztec mythological journey of the soul towards the afterlife.

Dahan Antoine, Delaby Clément, Takhedmit Rayan

Jineteo De Yegua, June 16 – 12 a.m.

A charro is struggling to stay on the back of a mare. The wild crowd supports him in his fight against the beast.

Dorozhinskaia Angelina, Guisset O. Anne, Wang Zishu, Pirotais Charlotte, Hinh Wilson, Capodagli Elisa, Gaspard Héry.

Madre, June 17th 9 a.m.

When the door of the church shuts at the end of the people’s ceremony, another feast starts in the Holy Family.

Lopes Chloé, Michalet Hugo, Hareux Marie, Legido Esther, Masson Alissende.

Xitlacua Cualli, June 17th 10.30 a.m.

In Aztec Mexico, we follow the journey of a corn from the plant to the emperor’s dish.

Berland Célia, Bilbao Ines, Emirlan Begaiym, Gosset Mathilde, Kondrasheva Sofia, Kurdoglu Alp.

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