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Accueil » USD Pipeline and Matrix Resurrections: our interview with RISE at SIGGRAPH 2022

USD Pipeline and Matrix Resurrections: our interview with RISE at SIGGRAPH 2022

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At SIGGRAPH 2022, we sat down with VFX studio RISE to discuss their latest projects.

Their team had a lot of work recently: RISE decided to adopt a full-USD pipeline centered around Houdini/Solaris, and the team also worked on Matrix Resurrections as well as the upcoming The Last Voyage of The Demeter with lots of fluid simulations.

Simon Ohler (pipeline developper) and Andreas Giesen (VFX/FX Supervisor) told us about these challenges. For example, they gave us some advice for studios that want to switch to USD, explained how the team handled bullet time and slow motion effects for Matrix Resurrections. We also asked them about AI at RISE, their thoughts on NVIDIA Omniverse for a VFX studio, and remot work. You will find the timings/chapters below the video. The interview is in English. English (and French) subtitles are available if you need them.

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00:00 – Intro
00:13 – USD Pipeline: reasons, Solaris/Houdini
01:48 – pipeline deployement, reactions
04:03 – NVIDIA Omniverse at RISE?
05:01 – AI, deep learning at RISE ?
05:53 – Future of USD?
06:48 – USD: advice for other studios?
08:10 – USD & VFX workflow
09:04 – Matrix Resurrections
09:37 – Inspiration from Matrix I, II, III
10:07 – city environments, drone footage
10:56 – Slow-motion & retiming
11:31 – Sati/Construct
12:07 – Face replacement/Lola/asset exchange
12:38 – The Last Voyage of The Demeter
13:03 – Remote vs hybrid work
15:05 – SIGGRAPH 2022

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