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Two sisters in a dystopian future (animated short film)

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Watch RED, an animated short film created by stutends of French art schoolEcole Georges Méliès. This sci-fi short film depicts a dystopian world, where a one-child policy is in place.

In an overpopulated cyberpunk world, two sisters are torn apart by an uprising against the one-child policy.

This short film was directed by Aurélie Braun, Emeric Venière, Adrien Pires, Naïna Ardinet, Ludovic Pedro, Tommy Dimanov.

The team chose to tell the story in a non-linear way, with several flash-forward shots. They also used several visual styles:

  • 2D animation for most of the short film, showing the two systers in a dystopian world.
RED - short film - Ecole Georges Méliès - cyberpunk dystopia
  • A 2D animation sequence reminiscent of Fallout.
RED - Ecole Georges Méliès short film
  • The uprising is shown using stylized 2D animation, with a technique similar to motion comics.
RED - Ecole Georges Méliès short film
  • A few shots are animated using photorealistic CG.
RED - Ecole Georges Méliès

These artistic choices help the viewer understand how each shot fits in the overal story. At the same time, they are a good way for the team to showcase their skills using various styles and techniques.

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