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Transfert: a time traveler tries to change History

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Watch Transfert, an independent sci-fi short film directed by Jonathan Degrelle, who spent 7 years working on this project at the crossroads of WWII, alternate history and time travel. The short film is in French, but English subtitles are available.

1967, Germany has won the second world war and reigns over the world. Max, a Nazi officer in search of redemption, sends Isaac, a concentration camp prisoner, back in time to retrieve the revolutionary mechanism that turned the tide of war. But back in the middle of the second world war, Isaac must face a mysterious and ruthless Nazi agent also looking for the mechanism.

Le film s’appuie sur des effets visuels variés, avec notamment Simon Vidy à la supervision VFX plateau, Sébastien Corne et Thomas Bahloul / en tant qu’artistes 3D. Le générique de fin vous donnera la liste complète des personnes impliquées.

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