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The Projectionnist: projected memories (student short film)

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Benjamin Benedetti, Margot Busnel, Quentin Destais, Pierre Lanson, Heloïse Sauvageot, Mathis Zweideck and Mathilde Malard unveiled their thesis short film (ESMA, class of 2021): The Projectionnist.

In 1930, Suzanne, a 7 year old girl, has the gift of projecting her memories through her eyes. Helped by her grandfather Lucien, she tries to master her gift.

Réalisateurs / directors: Benjamin Benedetti / Margot Busnel / Quentin Destais / Pierre Lanson / Heloïse Sauvageot / Mathis Zweideck / Mathilde Malard
Voix / voices: Michel Elias, Sarah Brun Schumacher, Ismaël Hamada
Musique / music: Clovis Schneider
Son / sound: Baptiste Leblanc / José Vicente / Guilhem Favard – STUDIO DES AVIATEURS

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