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Accueil » The Annecy Festival celebrates the new year and pays tribute to Mexican artists

The Annecy Festival celebrates the new year and pays tribute to Mexican artists

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The Annecy Festival celebrates the new year and unveils a series of short animations.
They were created by third year students from French animation schoolEcole des Nouvelles Images (ENSI).

Since Mexico will be the country invited as a guest during the Annecy Festival 2023 (From 11th to 17th June), the organizers have asked the students to pay tribute to Mexican artists.

Here are the tributes:

  • Tribute to Farid Rueda by Olessia Fedko, Maxime Tevissen, Manuel Mabayog, Dylan Cam:
  • Tribute to Guillermo del Toro by Hugo Barbier, Lisa Giacobbi, Lisa Sabat, Melodi Baskal:
  • Tribute to Frida Kahlo by Axelle Fuset, Léa Gusbert, Loubna Khider, Jérémy La:
  • Tribute to Alejandro Iñarritu by Louise Bacou, Sarah Krieger, Bryan Kacioui, Boris Boidron:
  • Tribute to David Alfaro Siqueiros by Charlotte de Rougé, Achille Houplain, Morgane Jama, Titouan Kervajan:
  • Tribute to Rufino Tamayo by Ludivine Miermont, Fanny Ghesquiere, Aiden Mallet, Luna Schwertz:
  • Tribute to Aurora Reyes Flores by Alex Panchioni, Noémie Polycarpe, Maëlys Guillemoteau, Aurore Le Gall Varéon:
  • Tribute to Francisco Toledo by Lauren Félines, Mathieu Leguay, Romeo Costa, Rose Frappas-Denis:
  • Tribute to Diego Rivera by Emilie Friess, Alexandre Velves, Cléa Fernandez Robles, Elisa Martin:
  • Tribute to José Clemente Orozco by Katia Doze, Wassim Bekthaoui, Alice Remond, Léa Beraud:
  • Tribute to Alfonso Cuarón by Tom Alcamo, Cassandra Fenech, Katia T’Felix, Marion Fuchs:
  • Tribute to Sebastián (Enrique Carbajal) by Léa Malek, Yaëlle Alberti, Hugo Hanache, Emeline Vann La:

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