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The Animation Showcase unveils its 2023 Best Animated Short Film Collection

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The Animation Showcase reveals the line-up of short films featured in its 2023 Best Animated Short Film Collection, which is available on The Animation Showcase streaming platform and touring major animation studios in Europe and North America.

The collection includes 10 critically-acclaimed short films.
This year’s collection includes the acclaimed 27 by Flóra Anna Buda, which received both the Palme d’Or at the Festival de Cannes and The Cristal in Annecy Festival, alongside the impactful Electra, the latest work by Oscar-Nominated director Daria Kashcheeva (don’t forget to read our article about the making of this short film!). Last, but not least, the list includes the directorial return of Oscar-Winner Andrew Ruhemann with The Day I Became a Bird.

● 27 (2023) – Flóra Anna Buda
● Armat (2022) – Élodie Dermange
● Electra (2023) – Daria Kashcheeva
● Letter to a Pig (2022) – Tal Kantor
● Rosemary A.D. (After Dad) (2022) – Ethan Barrett
● Scale (2022) – Joseph Pierce
● Starling (2022) – Mitra Shahidi
● The Day I Became a Bird (2023) – Andrew Ruhemann
● The Smeds and The Smoos (2022) – Samantha Cutler & Daniel Snaddon
● Wild Summon (2023) – Karni Arieli & Saul Freed

Huge thanks to Benoit berthe Siward, The Animation Showcase founder & curator, for this new collection!

To watch the Best Animated Short Film Collection, a free account is required. Please note that the platform is restricted to eligible animation and motion pictures professionals, due to screening rights requirements.
Here is how to create an account, if you haven’t already:

1 – Click on the 3DVF SIGN-UP PORTAL to request a membership to the streaming platform.
2- Add your email address and work proof (IMDb, Linked-in, Vimeo or other)
3- After the information verification you will receive an email with the instructions to connect to the streaming platform and begin watching

As a reminder, The Animation Showcase offers short films, behind the scenes featurettes, as well as features such as Flee, Marcel the shell with shoes on.

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