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Supower: a superhero short film from French digital arts school ARTFX

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Here is the latest short film from the class of 2022 of French digital arts school ARTFX: Supower, a mix of live-action, VFX and 2D effects!

Jim is selected by the SUPOWER company to be the first human to receive superhuman abilities. Being able to become the superhero he has always dreamed of, he goes to express his joy and try his new skills by flying to the stratosphere. But when he finally returns to earth, the world has changed and everyone now has their own powers…

Supower is a short film by Flore Argentieri, Jason Chew, Maxime Durr, Gaspard Eicher, Aaryan Raina, Arthur Sayanoff. They were helped by specialist students Fabien Brunet-Manquat, Benji Coignard, Hugo Courtel, Suyao Dong, Émilie Picard.

As usual with ARTFX short films, a making-of video is available. Behind-the-scenes footage is included, as well as an explanation of the production design. The team also explains that French videogame studio Quantic Dream let them use their 3D scan system (photogrammetry).
Creating the kaiju was a big part of the project, obviously. The making-of video details the creative process and the birth of this huge creature.
The animation, the creation of the CG city, FX (clouds, ocean) are also explained.

Supower - directors
The directors of Supower – ARTFX thesis short film
Supower - poster
Supower – poster

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