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SIGGRAPH 2022: Exaion to showcase innovative cloud solutions

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French company Exaion will attend SIGGRAPH 2022 (8-11 August), and plans to showcase their cloud solution for animation & VFX studios during the exhibition.
Exaion provides dedicated offers to the CG industry, thanks to partnerships with two companies already involved in this area.
Their vision is to allow independent artists, small to mid-size studios to to become “extended enterprises” with a 100% digital, collaborative and scalable offer. A team within a studio can work alongside artists and other studios located elsewhere using the same digital space. Since the cloud services are scalable, studios can get more computing power and data storage when needed.

As SIGGRAPH approaches, Exaion makes two announcements.


Exaion explained us that they believe many studios will adopt Omniverse, the real-time collaboration cloud platform created by NVIDIA, that allows users to share data, work on 3D projects as well as digital twins, and also to develop custom tools.
Exaion is therefore working on this very topic: in a nutshell, the plan is to deploy NVIDIA Omniverse on Exaion servers, so that studios can use it without having to worry about setting up things. In other words : Exaion will provide Omniverse as a turnkey solution.

To put this plan into action, Exaion chose to partner with two companies with close ties to the CG industry:

  • Progiss, a French company (and the sister company of 3DVF.com) which provides hardware, software and services to CG studios, freelance artists and animation schools in France and Europe ;
  • Daregraphic, a company specialized in remote graphics located in Montreal, Canada.

Progiss and Daregraphic will help Exaion to deploy Omniverse, and will also help studios to define their needs and requirements before switching to Omniverse, and help them to switch to this new solution.
Exaion explains that their goal is to allow customers to focus on their core business, while Exaion/Progiss/Daregraphic handle maintenance and technical issues if needed.

This offer could allow studios to jump on this new platform more easily. It will probably be especially helpful for small to mid-size companies, which don’t always have the time or resources needed for such a task.
This might also be a good opportunity for studios who aren’t sure Omniverse is the right tool for them to try it out hassle-free : 3DVF had the opportunity to discuss Omniverse with several companies in the past few months, and it is quite clear that evangelization is still needed to convice studios to make the jump.

Exaion plans to give more information on this matter during SIGGRAPH 2022.

Exaion cloud solutions : soon available in North America

Until now, Exaion datacenters were located in France, since EDF (the mother company of Exaion) is a multinational electric utility company that was historically founded by the French state in the mid-20th century. Which is why the company did not provide cloud services for studios outside of Europe.

But Exaion wishes to address the needs of the CG industry as a whole: the company announces that a Canadian arm is under way, with a datacenter that will be located in Montreal, Canada.

Exaion explains that a new datacenter, codename QC0, will be up and running this August. It will serve as a backbone for all their datacenters.
The next step will take place in September: Exaion will launch their first dataceter in Montreal, and studios located on North America will therefore be able to use Omniverse on Exaion servers.

Exaion at SIGGRAPH 2022: where can I get more information?

For more information about Exaion and their cloud solutions, you can visit their booth during the SIGGRAPH Exhibition (#1119) and check out their website.
Exaion will share their booth with their two partners: Progiss for France/Europe, which can be contacted via e-mail, Daregraphic for North America (here is their contact page). Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them to plan a meeting during SIGGRAPH.

Last, but not least, let’s remind our readers that 3DVF will attend SIGGRAPH 2022 as an official media partner: don’t forget to follow us on social media (Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook) so that you won’t miss our coverage of the event, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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