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Shapelab gets an update: 3D design in VR gets even better

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Leopoly recently updated Shapelab, their 3D design software in virtual reality.

Shapelab already offered a polygon mesh-based approach that allowed users to create and sculpt 3D models. The update adds vertex painting features, masking for sculpting & painting, new brush modifiers.

Moreover, the latest Early Access update introduces Scene mode and multi-object handling. As Leopoly explains, mainy features are still missing, (although boolean operations is already there), but the development team plans to introduce features such as multi-select and organizing objects in a hierarchical manner at a later stage. It should also be noted that in addition to OBJ, STL, GLB, Shapelab now supports FBX, SL3D (Shapelab project file). You can both import and export your creations in these file formats. Last, but not least, new materials and environment have been added.

Shapelab is available on Steam. The software is not free, but quite affordable. Shapelab can be used with most VR headsets including Oculus, Vive, Valve, Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

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