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Sauerkraut: a terrifying yet delicious animated short film

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French digital art school Rubika unveils Sauerkraut, a thesis short film directed by Andréa Marszalek, Hugo Greiner, Maïté Dufour, Floraya Marlin, Alix Poirier, Camille Krempp (class of 2021). A delicious blend of Sauerkraut and horror.

A young man wants to ask her father for the hand of a beautiful Alsatian girl, but her father is a very strange and scary man, and a master of sauerkraut. The young man, despite his clumsiness, decides to cook him a sauerkraut to win the hand of his beautiful. Literally.

Here is an interview of the team behind the short film. They explain, among other things, that the story is (loosely, of course) inspired by an event lived by the sister of one of the directors. The interview also explains how the visual style of the short film was achieved, and… How to create CG sauerkraut!

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