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R.A.S: five soldiers in Afghanistan

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Watch R.A.S, a short film by Lucas Durkheim created at Brunch Studio. This short film follows the eveyday life of a group of soldiers.

For months now, a group of five young soldiers have been stuck, bored, on a mission in the middle of the Afghan mountains. One day, during a support mission, the routine is finally broken.

story: Lucas Durkheim
Casting: Martin Bretegnier, Pablo Roche, Robin Goldbronn, Beeby, Nicolas Ghyselen
Editing: Lucas Durkheim
Sound: Nicolas Ghyselen
Music: Antoine Duchene, Beeby

Back in 2016, Lucas Durkheim directed another short centered around war: Grounded. This short film follows a young soldier without experience, sent to a surveillance post, in the middle of the desert.

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