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Our CG & VFX Studios map has been upgraded: faster than ever!

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Over 13000 studios and companies worldwide, from the digital creation industry: this is what you’ll find on our CG & VFX Studios Map!

As we added more and more studios, the map became a bit slow: this is why we overhauled the system used behind the scenes. The new map is faster than ever!
No more lags when zooming in and out: the map is updated in real time. In other words, as soon as you open the map, studios are loaded on the fly, and you can interact with the map without having to wait until everything is loaded.

Wether you are looking for a new job opportunity, or trying to learn about the digital creation industry in a specific area, our CG & VFX Studios Map is here for you!
The database is also available as a list, with a search engine.

>> Head over to the CG & VFX Studios Map

And if a studio is missing , don’t forget you can ask us to add it!
Studios, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as well if you want to add more information about you or post job offers: it’s free!

Below: a screenshot of the CG & VFX Studios Map When clicking on a studio, you can choose “More details” to head over to each studio’s dedicated page.

CG & VFX Studios Map

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