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Accueil » Odyssee Grandeza: 7 months of work to celebrate 120 years of Real Madrid

Odyssee Grandeza: 7 months of work to celebrate 120 years of Real Madrid

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Brand strategy & storytelling MNSTR, BOL production house and 2veinte animation studio teamed up for Odyssee Grandeza, an animated short film created to celebrate the 120th birthday of the famous soccer team Real Madrid, as well as advertise the launch of the new official Adidas x Real Madrid football jerseys.

Here’s the pitch for the short, followed by more information about the project.

Sarah, Moussa and Ben, together on the soccer field as well as in life, are following a rumor. They end up in a mysterious barbershop. They end up in a parallel universe, and they’ll have to overcome their own fears, inspired by great football players, in order to beat the forces of evil.

BOL production expanded on the pitch created by the agency in order to get a detailed script. The team chose to set the story in the suburbs of Paris, in order to “inspire the fans” of the soccer team. They also wanted the main character to go through a failure at the beginning of the short: this way, overcoming evil at the end would make of a satisfying narrative arc. The jerseys are of course prominently featured in the short film: they are literally magical, and the main characters become very powerful once they put them on. The team also included a lot of easter eggs, and French soccer player Karim Benzema can also be seen helping them during the short.

MNSTR, BOL and 2veinte chose a visual style reminiscent of japanese animation: this allowed them to make the action sequences more dynamic. They also explained us that they wanted to focus on “fast transitions and epic moves.”

The project required 7 months of work. The credits are available below.

Odyssee Grandeza
Odyssee Grandeza
Odyssee Grandeza
Odyssee Grandeza
Odyssee Grandeza
Odyssee Grandeza
Odyssee Grandeza


BOL Production House
Executive Producers: Ibran Trassierra & Pierre Gobin
Head of Production: Victoria Ventura
Producer: Ariadna Pons
Creative Direction: Ibran Trassierra
Pitch Direction: Ester Dus
Script Development & Dialogues: Emilia Barbu
French Dialogues: Mikaël Le Jalu
Additional Illustration: Karla Cuba, Marc Stuart
Additional 2D & Motion Animation: Pol Solà, Giorgio Gore
Additional Compositing: Pol Solà, Giorgio Gore

Director: Pablo Gostanian.
Second Director: Mariano Fernández Russo
Executive Producer: Agustín Valcarenghi, Ana Sieglitz, Juliana Millán
Lead Producer: Carolina Cantero, Florencia Cruz
Line Producer: Ana Laura Aparicio
Production Assistant: Alan Pettersen
Animation Director: Maricel Piazza
Storyboard and Animatic: Mariano Fernández Russo
Storyboard and Animatic clean up: Franco Rampoldi, Maricel Piazza, Emmanuel Zampalo
Art Direction: Martín Vinograd
Concept and Lead Artist: Patricio Delpeche
Background Designer: Bruno Ferrari, Pablo Palomeque & Alejandro Barbesi
Character Designer: Emmanuel Zampalo, Celina Pavón, Evelin Unfer, Patricio Delpeche
Graphic Designer: Adriana Matallana
Color: Constanza Orosa & Emmanuel Zampalo
Art Assistant: Celina Pavón, Serge Rodas & Julio Cesar Velasquez
Layout: Celina Pavón, Maricel Piazza, Evelin Unfer, Six Studio, Emmanuel Zampalo, Marcelo Zamora & Constanza Oroza.
2D and Motion Animators: Maricel Piazza, Six Studio, Emmanuel Zampalo, Pablo Rago, Leo Cirius, Celina Pavón, Jefferson Lima, Franco Pellicciaro, Fernando LaMattina, Lean Vargas, Kiosko, Gastón Herrera, Alejandro Briganti, Manuela Calderone, Agostina Salvemini, Vicente Ziegler, Cintia Czsecswik, Diego Cristófano & Mariano Fernández Russo.
Clean up: Alan Mohamed, Sofia Diaz, Daniela Donato, Mariangel Idiarte, Juliana Gorgati, Mercedes De Santis, Lean Vargas, Celina Pavón, Six Studio, Rafael Pires, Raíssa Cunha, Gabriela Bosco, Emmanuel Zampalo, Julieta Culaciati & Florencia Blanco
3D assets: David Sanabria
Compositing: Mariano Fernández Russo, Yago López & Gabriel Rocha

VO Casting & recording: Chut! on vous écoute
VO Producer: Tali Boumandil
VO Sound Engineer: Pierre Biren
VO Actors: Sarah: Mathilde Lamusse – Moussa: Aboubacar Bidanessy – Ruben: Hippolyte

Music & Sound Design: Facundo Capece & Felipe Barandalla
Mix & Mastering: Facundo Capece