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NVIDIA announces 6 new GPUs for workstations and laptops

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Today at GTC 2023, NVIDIA announced 6 new NVIDIA RTX Ada Lovelace GPUs for laptops and workstations aimed at professionals: creators, engineers, data scientists, etc.

New GPUs for laptops

The NVIDIA RTX 5000, RTX 4000, RTX 3500, RTX 3000, and RTX 200 Ada Generation are laptop GPUs. According to NVIDIA, they deliver increased performance as well as “up to x2 the efficiency” of the previous generation.
They feature 2048 to 9728 CUDA cores, 16 to 76 RT cores, 64 to 304 Tensor cores, 4 to 16GB of graphics memory.

Here is a video presentation of these new GPUs:

RTX 4000 SFF: compact yet powerful

NVIDIA also announced a new workstation GPU. The NVIDIA RTX 4000 Small Form Factor (SFF) Ada Generation boasts 20GB of graphics memory. As the name implies, the core idea behind this product is to provide a compact yet powerful GPU.

Here are the technical specs:

As soon as this month, laptops and workstations from various manufacturers will include these new GPUs. The NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF GPU will be available in April, for about $1250.

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