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Macula: you won’t believe your eyes (ARTFX short film)

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Here is Macula, a student short film from French school ARTFX (class of 2022).

Elian, blind from birth, recovers his sight thanks to a technological advance initiated by the Macula program. One day, the technology breaks down, sending him on a surreal visual journey, as terrifying as it is dizzying.

This ARTFX short film was created by Hady Abou Ghazale, Cyprien Huet, Jules Machicot, Lothaire Rialhe, Marta Rodriguez-Noriega Nava, Mara Sierra Palomino. They were helped by two student specialists: Loïc Mattern, Mario Hawat.

A making-of video is also available. The making-of features behind-the-scenes footage as well as some information on the lighting, how the shooting was managed, on set VFX supervision, etc.

The team behind this surreal ARTFX short film also gives us an insight into the postproduction process. Lighting and compositing were two key elements of the project. Creating photorealistic assets and FX were also quite challenging. The video details, amongst other things, the sequence where a building turns into sand, and the shifting corridor. 3D scanning/photogrammetry is also mentionned.

Macula - ARTFX short film
Macula - ARTFX short film

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