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Liyoki : dilemma for a gorilla

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Sarah Munos, Arthur Lefebvre, Francesca McCall, Jérémy Livingston, Aurélie Tapponnier, Thibault Cambresy, Armel Boutillon have published their student film (ESMA – 2020) : Liyoki.

Liyoki, a silverback gorilla, lives peacefully with his family, when they are attacked by poachers. Wounded by a bullet, Liyoki has a choice to make : unleashing his vengeance, or saving his last child, Kitoko.

Compositeurs / Compositors: Lolita Del Pino
Son / Sound: Tristan Le Bozec, Yoann Poncet, Alexis Laugier – Studio des Aviateurs

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