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Last Summer: a bittersweet short film from Gobelins

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French animation school Gobelins just unveiled the first short from the class of 2022. Here is Last Summer, by Gobelinsnicola Bernardi, Alessandra De Stefano, Gabriela Lewandowska, Chloé Van Becelaere, Camille Van Delft, Elodie Xia.

As summer ends, Ren’s bandmates and childhood friends are leaving for college. He struggles to write the lyrics of their final song.

Directors / Réalisateurs : Nicola BERNARDI, Alessandra DE STEFANO, Gabriela LEWANDOWSKA, Chloé VAN BECELAERE, Camille VAN DELFT, Elodie XIA
Team contact / Contact de l’équipe : last-summer@gobelins.fr
Soundtrack / Musique : Antoine DUCHÊNE
Sound editor / Montage sonore : Mathieu TIGER
Mix / Mixage : Mathieu TIGER

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