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La Mouche (The Fly): a funny short film from French school ARTFX

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Watch “La Mouche”, a comedy short film from French school ARTFX. The movie is centered around an unusual interrogation at a police station, and a very peculiar suspect. The audio is in French, but closed captions can be turned on.

In the middle of an interrogation in a police station, Max must hide the reasons for his car accident at all costs. Under threat, he confesses in his lies. Nobody is ready to believe him!

The short film was directed by Manon Bennati, Christopher Gros, Maël Joanas, Hugo Prunet. They were supporter by several specialist students: Louis Beurville, Maya Dumond, Loïc Mattern, Émilie Picard, Léo Serrano.

Don’t miss the end credits, a few surprises are included!

The team from this ARTFX short film also shared a making-of video.

The making-of video will take you behind the scenes, and you will learn about references used by the team, such as the movie Be Kind Rewind from Michel Gondry.

The desert was created using Houdini and Unreal Engine. Megascans and Marketplace assets were very useful to create a believable landscape.
A lot of care was needed to shoot the car then to comp it into this desertic landscape.

The team also explains how they created the giant fly. They drew inspiration from real flies, but decided not to stay too close to their anatomical details if needed. This way, they were able to create a believable creature despite the fact that it is huge and can walk like a human on its back legs. ZBrush, Mari were used.

The directors of "La Mouche"
The team behin the ARTFX short film “La Mouche”: Manon Bennati, Christopher Gros, Maël Joanas, Hugo Prunet
"La Mouche" - poster
“La Mouche” – poster

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