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Kickstarter: Revopoint MINI, a small and low-cost 3D scanner

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Revopoint launched a Kickstarter campaign for their latest 3D scanner, Revopoint MINI. This new product is quite affordable (around $450 at the early bird kickstarter price, a little bit under $800 afterwards).

This product relies on structured light (blue light) to 3D scan objects: the 3D shape is reconstructed using projected light patterns and a dual camera system.

The Revopoint MINI provides very interesting specs for this price point: “a point distance of up to 0.05mm and a single-frame precision of up to 0.02mm”.

Revopoint explains that they target multiple markets: reverse engineering, cultural heritage, jewelry, 3D animation & modeling, etc. Depending on your needs, the Revopoint MINI can be used both as a handheld scanner and a turntable scanner. It should also be noted that the Revopoint MINI wan be used both with a regular workstation/laptop and a smartphone/tablet (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS are supported).

The main limitations of the product are the following: it is optimized for small to mid-size subjects (10x10x10mm to 500x500x500mm): scanning big objects will involve multiple scans and some post-processing. Furthermore, in its current form the Revopoint MINI does not support RGB texture scanning.

A few 3D scans created by beta users

Stabilizer and turntable

Revopoint also worked on a few add-ons:

  • A stabilizer for handheld scanning: this will improve precision and tracking.
  • A dual-axis turntable (360° horizontal, ±30° vertical).
  • Scanning spray, to create a non-reflective surface on objects. This is especially useful if you plan to scan transparent of reflective surfaces. This scanning spray vanishes within 4 hours, and no post-scan cleaning is required.

Already more than 1 million dollars pledged

The crowdfunding campaign is already quite successful: over a million US dollars have already been pledged by a total of nearly 2400 backers. You will have to pledge a little bit over $400 to receive a Revopoint MINI. Additional pledges and addons are available.

Standard Package
Premium Package

For more information, you can head over to Kickstarter. You will find below the specifications of the product and an comparison between Revopoint POP 2 (the other 3D scanner sold by Revopoint) and Revopoint Mini.

As always, it should be reminded that Kickstarter is not a preorder store. Each crowdfunding campaign has its challenges. We advise you to read the “Risks and Challenges” section at the bottom of the Kickstarter page.

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