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Just Married: an unusual animated wedding

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Marianna Crosetti, Minh-Tu Pham, Donghee Kim, Daphné Petier, Claire Ducluzeau, Aliénor Bouteloup De Vilers have unveiled their thesis short film created at Ecole des Nouvelles Images (class of 2019).

Getting married is the beginning of a great adventure.

Animation : Claire DUCLUZEAU, Daphné PETIER
Storyboard / Previsualisation : Daphné PETIER, Claire DUCLUZEAU
Modelling : Donghee KIM, Minh-Tu PHAM
Lighting : Marianna CROSETTI, Minh-Tu PHAM
Concept / Charadesign : Aliénor BOUTELOUP DE VILERS, Marianna CROSETTI, Minh-Tu PHAM
VFX : Donghee KIM
Compositing : Marianna CROSETTI, Minh-Tu PHAM
Editing : Marianna CROSETTI
Sound Editing : Claire DUCLUZEAU, Daphné PETIER
Original score : Christophe FOUCAUD, Victor MONTERAGIONI
Mix : Pierre-François RENOUF
Producer : Julien DEPARIS

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