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Instinct: a vicious attack underwater (ESMA short film)

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French digital art school ESMA unveils Instinct, a thesis short film from their class of 2022. The short film follows a woman assaulted during a diving expedition.

After a diving excursion in the middle of the ocean, Lindsey is viciously assaulted by Bruce, her instructor. She fends him off and they fall overboard into the water. Bruce grabs her and sinks her to the depths of the ocean. In this spiral of violence, she has no way to breathe.

Directors: Bastien Hemery, Enzo Cransac, Charlene Ombrouck, Felix Gourlaouen, Jérémy Cetre, Lucie Dohen, Emma Lebourgeois, and Tristan Giandoriggio.

Musique / music : Hassan Ali
Voix / voices: Frédéric Perchet, Charlène Ombrouck
Son / sound: José Vicente, Guilhem Favard, Mickaël Merrheim, Yoann Poncet – STUDIO DES AVIATEURS

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