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How to optimize your games and 3D applications with Nsight Graphics

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NVIDIA announces another “Level Up with NVIDIA” webinar. This news, free online conference will take place on April 18 and will focus on Nsight Graphics.

As a reminder, “Level Up with NVIDIA ” webinars are aimed at creators and developers. The goal is to allow you to connect with NVIDIA experts, discover how to use NVIDIA RTX technologies in your games and 3D apps.

During this webinar, you’ll learn “how to use the latest NVIDIA RTX technology in Nsight Graphics”, explains NVIDIA. This standalone and free tool is allows you to debug/profile/export frames from games and applications relying on Direct3D, Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenVR, or Oculus SDK. NVIDIA Nsight Graphics is compatible with Windows and Linux.

NVIDIA also announces the following content:

  • Learn how the suite of NVIDIA Nsight Tools lift the hood of your GPU to improve your game’s frame rate.
  • See Nsight Graphics in action on a demo scene, including how to profile the render pipeline and find areas that can be improved.
  • Learn the best tips and tricks to ensure your ray tracing is fast with Nsight Graphics.
  • Have your questions answered in a live Q&A session.

This Nsight Graphics webinar is free and will take place Tuesday, April 18, 2023 – 10am PT | 1pm ET. You can register here.

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