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Accueil » He worked on Alien Resurrection, Ice Age, Joe’s Apartment: meet Steve Talkowski !

He worked on Alien Resurrection, Ice Age, Joe’s Apartment: meet Steve Talkowski !

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SIGGRAPH is a good opportunity to discover the latest technologies and announcements from the CG industry, but it is also the perfect place to meet people. Case in point: during SIGGRAPH 2022, we sat down with Steve Talkowski, a 35 year veteran of the animation/VFX scene!

We asked him about his career and some of the movies he worked on: Alien Resurrection, Ice Age, Joe’s Apartment! We also discussed the tools used by artists: old systems from the end of the 80s, Softimage, Blender, Unreal.

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  • 0:00 – Introduction, studies, beginnings and opportunitues in a then young CG industry, Rhonda Graphics (2:23)
  • 2:48 – SIGGRAPH 1987 & Pixar booth
  • 3:54 – Blue Sky Studios
  • 4:54 – Origins of Blue Sky: ‘Tron’
  • 05:06 – Joe’s Apartment: this movie has been a little bit forgotten, but it featured impressive CGI with dancing and singing insects.
  • 05:17 – Softimage, a software used on movies such as Jurassic Park or Star Wars I, II, III, acquired by Autodesk in 2008. It was discontinued in the mid-2010s.
  • 7:06 – swimming aliens for Alien: Resurrection (1997), a tough challenge
  • 8:50 – Bunny short film – Blue Sky Studios
  • 9:57 – studio growth for Ice Age
  • 10:44 Steve Talkowski’s work on Ice Age
  • 12:11 layoffs at Blue Sky Studios
  • 13:04 Hornet
  • 13:22 freelancing, Sketchbot
  • 13:38 – SIGGRAPH 2022
  • 14:03 – tips, Blender, UE

Don’t forget to check out Steve Talkowski’s portfolio and the official Sketchbot website.

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